USA Football

PLAYER SAFETY is a primary concern for OLLF! To ensure the safety of its players, the OLLF Board completes a professional inspection and reconditioning following the end of each season!! In addition, the Board has allocated funds in anticipation of equipment purchases such as, helmets and shoulder pads. Your OLLF Board continues to work diligently to provide safe and proper equipment for all players while working within budgetary constraints. Your support of spiritwear sales and concessions, and the proper use and return of all equipment will help ensure that future Little League Bulldogs have access to the best equipment available!



There is no set standard on the reconditioning process for youth football equipment. With the new studies on concussions and concussion awareness, OLLF began it's proactive approach to update all equipment in the spring of 2014. OLLF had all helmets in inventory reconditioned in the Spring of 2017 and will continue to recondition each helmet per there stamped time.(stamping examples are in the pictures on right). ALL equipment handed out by OLLF is certified by the helmet manufacturers Schutt and Riddel and no helmet will be used more than 10 years past its initial purchase date. Due to the OLLF's participation in USA Football's "Heads Up" Program, the OLLF Board continues to apply for substantial grant monies that will be used to update equipment inventory. In an effort to provide Odessa's players with the best in protective equipment, the OLLF Board will continue its affiliation with USA Football and require "Heads Up Certification" for every coach and assistant coach. This is a program designed to ensure each player's safety. This program involves parents support outside of the football field. Coaches will discuss this at the parents' meeting.