USA Football
Posted Jul 7, 2016

Heads Up Football

OLLF is a proud member of USA Football's Heads Up Football.  Click here to learn more about Heads Up Football, including Heads Up Tackling, Heads Up Blocking, and Consussion Awareness.

Click here to view the Concussion Awareness Fact Sheet.

Parent Volunteer Responsibilities

Concessions. One of the ways the OLLF is able to keep registration fees lower than other towns and leagues is through raising money by other means.  The concession stand at the Odessa High School Field, operated each Saturday, is a primary means of raising funds.  As such, it is the responsibility of each team to staff the concession stand at assigned times during the year.  Parents will only be asked to work concessions on Saturday’s that their games are at home.  These times will not conflict with your child’s game times.  Once the league schedule is complete, coaches will be provided a schedule outlining each team’s responsibilities.  While each coach has the responsibility to notify parents and coordinate times, it is not their responsibility to work concessions.  Please help the OLLF and your team by working during designated times.

Stadium Clean-up.  Odessa schools have graciously allowed us to use the Odessa High School Field for our home games.  This is a privilege, given the field's condition, bleachers, restrooms, lights, etc.  In return, they ask that we clean the stadium following home high school football games AND home little league games.  Each team will be assigned stadium clean-up duty two Friday nights and one Saturday during the season.  It is the responsibility of each parent to help clean the stadium during this time.

Chain Gang (Including Flag Division). For home games, each team is responsible to supply three people to run the chains during their game.  These may be parents or youth (14 or over).  Please be aware your coach may ask for volunteers to run chains.  While this does provide a sideline view of the game, please also be aware that those running chains are not allowed to yell, instruct, or harass either the players or officials.  They are to be a neutral presence.

Parent Expectations

Practice.  It is expected that parents will have their players to practice on time and will pick their players up from practice at the time provided by their coach, unless notification has been given in advance.  Please be aware, repeated tardiness or missing of practices may have an impact on both playing time and position.  Coaches will hold team parent meetings within the first week of practice to address expectations and requirements, ALL parents are expected to attend the team parent meeting. 
Issues.  If you have any issues concerning your player, this includes health conditions that could be a factor during the season, please make the coach aware of the issue as soon as possible, so it may be resolved quickly.  If you are unable to resolve the issue after working with your coach, you may then address the issue to the OLLF board.  Contact information is available on this website.
Behavior.  All parents, grandparents, guardians, etc. are expected to set an example for their players in sportsmanship . . . both during practice and during games.  Berating players, coaches or officials will not, in any way, be tolerated.  Profanity is automatic grounds for removal from both practice sites and game sites.